Are JUUL Products Safe? August 28 2023

Juul with pods. Asking the question if JUUL Products are Safe or JUUL Pods are Toxic

If you've been following the news like we have here at TBD Liquids, you may have heard about a new research article making the claim that JUUL Products are not safe for inhalation. 
Since we pride ourselves on making the safest custom vape juice and nicotine salts, we always want to gain a firm understanding for why researchers from the American Chemical Society believe that any vapor product is toxic.
Whenever a study or research article comes out with the claim that vaping isn't safe, we analyze it to make sure there isn't any overlap with our vape flavors. This time, we decided to write a post informing our customers of the facts from this recent article.
TL;DR - Ethyl Maltol + High Concentrations of Nicotine = Toxic to Cultured Lung Cells
  1. Researchers purchased JUUL Pods online and then treated cultured lung cells with the vapor created by JUUL Pods.

  2. Nicotine concentrations present in JUUL Pods were the highest these researchers had ever seen (60.9 mg/ml)

  3. Menthol, Vanillin, and Ethyl Maltol were the major flavor chemicals present in JUUL Pods.

  4. The vapor from Mint, Mango, Cucumber, Fruit, and Creme pods all produced significant toxicity in cultured lung cells.

  5. Whereas, Classic Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and Virginia Tobacco produced no significant toxicity to cultured lung cells.

  6. The three flavors which did not produce cytotoxicity also had the lowest levels of Ethyl Maltol present in their flavorings.

  7. Researchers then analyzed the different flavorings to see which flavoring(s) correlated with cellular toxicity. 

  8. They found a strong link between High Levels of Nicotine & the flavoring chemical Ethyl Maltol.

  9. Researchers concluded that Ethyl Maltol combined with High Levels of Nicotine will produce cellular toxicity.

  10. An interesting thing to note is that the researchers ended their paper with a statement that the aerosol levels the lung cells were exposed to were less than what they believe a JUUL user would be exposed to. Meaning that they expect even more damage to be caused in people by the use of those specific JUUL Products.

More information and some direct comments from the researchers can be found in this Public Release

So what do we think you should do?
  • We recommend that you no longer use any of the following JUUL Pod Flavors until a statement has been made by JUUL Labs: Mint, Mango, Cucumber, Fruit, and Creme
  • Until more information is released, we also recommend that you no longer use any salt nicotine products unless you are certain that they do not contain the flavoring ingredient Ethyl Maltol. 
  • As stated by researchers, these flavors have been shown to have a significant enough amount of Ethyl Maltol present, which when combined with high concentrations of nicotine, causes cellular toxicity in cultured lung cells.
What is TBD Liquids doing to ensure the safety of our customers?
  • None of our current nicotine salt recipes contain the flavoring chemical Ethyl Maltol in them. Going forward, any of our Ejuice Flavors that we adapt into Nicotine Salts will be modified if they contain Ethyl Maltol, that way they do not contain the harmful flavoring ingredient.
  • Ethyl Maltol has only been shown to be hazardous when combined with high levels of nicotine, so our best vape juice flavors will not be affected as we limit nicotine to 24mg.
Device Recommendation(s) -
  • We highly recommend a new alternative that we've been loving here called the Uwell Caliburn. We linked to one of our favorite websites to purchase hardware from because they generally have the lowest price online with quick shipping on vape hardware.
  • Our best nicotine salts all work fantastic with the Caliburn, so much so that we plan to carry it on our website soon!
Flavor Recommendation(s) -
Our goal at The Best Damn Liquids has always been about promoting a healthier alternative to smoking through our cheap vape juice and now custom nicotine salt eliquid. For the past five years we've always been quick to respond to new research in order to ensure that our customers have the most risk-averse vaping experience.
We're going to keep doing what we do best, and be sure to be on the lookout for our new nic salt flavors that we'll be releasing soon.