Turning Over a New Leaf: Embracing the Future May 25 2023

It's time for a big change at our company, as we say a fond farewell to the Caliburn A2 Device. This faithful companion, while delivering excellent flavor, faced challenges due to UWELL's quality control issues and frequent new releases that didn't necessarily elevate the line. The Original Caliburn Device ignited our passion for crafting vape juice, inspiring our Handcrafted Salts Line, so it's with a hint of nostalgia that we're moving forward.

But it's onto bigger, better, and more exciting things! We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Vaporesso and the introduction of the XROS 3 Mini into our product lineup. Vaporesso is doing everything we wished for from UWELL. We've been testing the XROS 3 Mini for the past few months and it was love at first vape. We've swapped out our A2's and have fully embraced the XROS 3 Mini.

What does this mean for our loyal Caliburn users?

- We're committed to selling replacement pods for the Caliburn A2 for the foreseeable future.
- We will hold a reserve stock to replace any manufacturing defects on A2 devices purchased within the last 6 months.
- For over two years, we've backed the Original Caliburn Device post-UWELL discontinuation. Now, it's time for a change. While we apologize to those relying on OG Caliburn Pods, we're excited to introduce our new device. Vaporesso brings back the quality and consistency we all value. We're confident you'll appreciate this upgrade.

And what's new?

- Our Caliburn Starter Bundle has evolved into the improved XROS 3 Mini Starter Bundle.
- Our bundle and pack offerings have been updated with add-on XROS pods and devices.
- We've revisited and updated our Handcrafted Salt recipes to take full advantage of the enhanced flavor capabilities of the XROS 3 Mini

Check out our new offerings:

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey, and we look forward to enhancing your vaping experience with our new partnership and improved products.

Edit - Just wanted to add some additional clarification that I posted to our Facebook Group.