Sitewide Pricing Revamp September 27 2021

It's been about a year since our "temporary" price reduction. Well.. those prices ended up being good throughout the year so looks like that wasn't very temporary lol.

We wanted to do another sitewide price reduction going into 2022. We know we aren't the cheapest place to get juice. Being a small business it's difficult to compete with the mass-produced juice, but we make it up with what we believe we provide in value for our customers. Top quality ingredients and customer service is our game. Part of that is making sure that we routinely re-evaluate our prices to see where we can afford to give you guys and gals a better deal.

Here's everything that changed today - 

Handcrafted Salts: Reduced 12%

Signature E-Juice 30ml: Reduced 12%

Signature E-Juice 120ml: Reduced 15%

Caliburn Starter Bundle: Reduced 12%

Build-Your-Own Pack: Reduced 10%

Starter / Essential Salts Pack: Reduced 10%

Agent Cool: Reduced 20%

Sweetener: Reduced 17%