WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Our custom e-liquid has always been focused around the idea of having the best flavor for every type of vaper. Whether you like fruit, dessert, or menthol flavors for vaping, we've got you covered. Now you can enjoy our best selling salts by using a refillable pod mod of your own. All of our nicotine salt recipes are both diacetyl free and sucralose free, and we even include the newest lab testing results for each of our flavors in the product description. We're a company born from the vaping community itself. That is why we stress the importance of clean flavors, because we want our personal setups to always perform at their best when we vape the best damn liquids. We've been in business for over four years for a reason, and we have hundreds of glowing reviews on both Reddit and JuiceDB

Custom Nic Salts 

Choose from any one of our nic salts recipes and begin to craft your perfect e-liquid! You can choose from options such as Custom Nicotine, Flavor Strength, and More! Add Cool to any flavor and create your new favorite menthol vape. Do you like Sweet e-juice? Add some sweetener! Feeling like making a particular flavor you like a bit more Sour? Well pucker up, because now you can! We understand that everyone's tastes are different, so we make it easy for you to create your best tasting nic salts e-liquid. No longer are you limited to the few options that other cheap vape juice companies limit you to, with us you have full control. 


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