Going out of business July 10 2023

NOTICE: We are currently 2-3 weeks out from shipping orders. We are accepting orders up to the 31st, we will continue to ship orders after the 31st but the website will no longer allow new orders to be placed. Be advised there may be a significant delay depending on what you're ordering, people are ordering a year's supply of juice from us so it takes us a while to produce all this juice en-masse for y'all. 

Dear Valued Customers,

It is with a heavy heart and a sense of deep sadness that I write to you today. After nearly a decade of operating our small business with utmost care and dedication, we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to close our doors. This decision has been forced upon us by the government, and it is a difficult pill to swallow.

In September of last year, an unexpected visit from an FDA investigator changed the course of our business. They meticulously scrutinized our operations, poring over documents and raising minor concerns, such as removing certain products from our website and updating warning statements. Despite their initial surprise at learning about our exemplary practices over the past nine years, we were cautiously optimistic that the FDA's approach was shifting towards collaboration rather than intimidation.

However, in February of this year, a certified notice arrived at both my home and our business premises, delivering a devastating blow. The FDA refused filing our Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) that we had diligently submitted before the deadline in 2020. I was dumbfounded. After investing over a month in assembling the application 3 years ago, based on the often contradictory guidance from the FDA available at the time, we learned that it wouldn't even be reviewed. Their reason was deceptively simple: they claimed our application lacked an adequate environmental assessment. Note: 43% of our PMTA was dedicated to an environmental assessment. 

I promptly sent letters in response to the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) and a letter to the FDA Commissioner, seeking clarification and resolution. Unfortunately, our interactions with the FDA over the past decade have been overwhelmingly negative. The supposed "small business compliance" department, which exists in name only, has consistently ignored our attempts to communicate. We have been left in the dark, without clear information, because this government agency's actions are driven by politics rather than scientific evidence. It seems that public sentiment is pushing for the eradication of vaping, dismissing the centuries-long history of nicotine use and the complexities surrounding it.

A few weeks ago, we met with FDA lawyers who, regrettably, couldn't provide satisfactory answers to our questions. They encouraged us to file for a supervisory review with the head of the CTP, which we did in order to buy ourselves some time to operate and hold this final sale. Our review date is scheduled for early August, granting us until the end of July to continue serving you.

After nearly a decade of going back and forth with the FDA, I must admit that I can no longer endure this way of life. The stress has become overwhelming, especially now that I have new responsibilities as a married individual. The FDA has started resorting to civil court actions against small businesses like ours, aiming to seize our funds. With the growing number of employees who depend on us, freezing our business's assets could have severe consequences for them.

I want to express my deepest apologies to each and every one of you. I genuinely wish we could have continued indefinitely, as I have developed a profound love for what we do. If only I had been more confident in scaling up TBD in recent years, perhaps things would have turned out differently. I yearn for the chance to have undertaken more exciting projects, released new products, developed innovative flavors, and overall, invested more time in making our customers' experience truly remarkable. I understand that many of you rely on us for your vaping supplies, especially after witnessing the closure of numerous competitors. To assist you during these trying times, I have reduced all prices to liquidation levels, offering discounts of 50% or more. I have also simplified our product offerings by removing confusing bundles and packs, allowing you to purchase items individually throughout the remainder of this month.

For those interested in bulk purchases, we now offer larger bottle options for all our flavors, with sizes of up to 960ml available. If you choose to order in bulk, I recommend storing the juice in the freezer for long-term preservation, ensuring you wrap it with a towel to prevent nicotine degradation caused by light exposure. When you're ready to use it, remember to thaw and shake the bottle thoroughly before decanting a smaller portion. Nicotine salt has a longer shelf life compared to freebase nicotine, thanks to its greater stability, so keep that in mind.

Please note that all sales during this liquidation period are final. We won't be able to make changes, provide refunds, or exchanges given the circumstances. Kindly exercise caution when placing your order(s), as we are no longer actively monitoring our customer service channels.

Expect some delays in shipping your orders, as we will be reverting to our previous practice of making each product to order. Over the next few weeks, we aim to find solace in cherishing what we have built here and devoting ample time and attention to fulfilling each and every one of your orders. I may update this communication with additional information in the coming weeks, but for now, these are my final words.

With sincerest gratitude and a heavy heart,