Nicotine Salts: Coming This Christmas November 24 2018

We have an announcement to make, as I know a lot of you have been asking us about when we'll be making our flavors available with salt-based nicotine. We plan to start with a small number of flavors that we've tested on a number of devices geared towards vaping nicotine salts such as the Drop/Breeze/Juul (w/ sylo pods) etc.

We've taken a long time getting these ready as we wanted to make sure our flavors not only tasted well but performed well in these devices. One of the things we're striving for with our salt-nicotine flavors is longevity, as we feel that a lot of the nic salt juices available out there right now burn pods out too quickly. We don't want you having to change out your pods every refill or two, we want them to burn clean enough that you can get a few extra fills in there before you need to swap them out.

That being said, we plan to have our first introduction of nicotine salt flavors available for purchase during our upcoming Christmas Sale at the end of December.