Are Flavors Banned? January 03 2020

Short Answer: No.

The recent FDA ban on e-liquid flavors affects only closed-end pod systems such as the JUUL.

Since our flavors are made for open end devices such as the Caliburn we're unaffected. 

However, that doesn't mean the fight is over.

In a few months (May), the FDA is scheduled to begin enforcement of the 2016 regulations which mandate a PMTA process which we cannot afford. So far the only product that has been granted a license by the FDA is the IQOS.

iqos vaporizer

This is the device that you put a traditional cigarette into in order to vaporize it. (yuck)

Our current plan is to pivot our products to flavor shots if PMTA enforcement begins.

Our hope is that lawmakers realize the size of the industry that is at-risk and propose more realistic regulations which small businesses such as ours can comply with.