Rewards System Revamped January 27 2016

Hey everyone! We recently overhauled our rewards system to allow for redeemed rewards (free bottles) to stack with discount codes. We felt it wasn't right that you couldn't stack your hard earned rewards with the standard coupon codes we have. Often times you would actually save more with our regular 10% discount code than if you had used your rewards points. So in order to have discounts stack with rewards, we completely overhauled our rewards system and added some new features to boot. 

Note: All previous rewards accounts have been consolidated into your store accounts (no more having to make a new account for the rewards club) & all points earned before have been transferred over. 

Changes - 

  • We increased the amount of points (aka drops) earned per $1 from 100 points to 120 points. 
  • "Punchcard" Reward Added: For every 3 orders you place, you'll gain 5,000 points. This resets every 3 orders so you can keep earning it again and again. 
  • New Referral Program: Refer a friend by sending them a link to create an account here. Once they create an account, they'll receive a 15% off discount code. After placing an order with the discount code you'll get a free 30ml bottle of juice (12,000 points) on us :) You can also share your sign-up link on social media. Anyone who signs up using it will receive a 15% off discount code. 
  • Check out our JuiceDB Profile! (Visit A Page Link) Anytime you visit our JuiceDB page you'll receive 1,000 points. We know not everyone knows about JuiceDB yet, so we wanted to share it with you. JuiceDB is a great way to find unbiased reviews on juices & vendors you're interested in trying. It's a third-party review site which ensures that reviews are honest & unfiltered (basically Yelp for ejuice). While you're there, we could always benefit from a review or favorite :) 

We hope these changes allow our customers to benefit more from our rewards system. We're always looking for feedback on it, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to email them to us.