About Recent USPS Shipping Issues - Delays, Lost Packages, Lack of Tracking Updates March 14 2015

As of the last few weeks, many of our packages that we've sent via USPS First-Class and Priority Mail have had issues.

Here are some of these issues -

  • Package tracking never updating or being scanned at all. This will make it appear as if a package has been stuck in one city for over a week+, or that the package was never even received at all.
  • Tracking showing that it's been delayed for a long period of time. 
  • Ultimately package taking up to 3-weeks to be delivered. 

There was a recent front-page post on the ECR claiming that the changes to first-class has caused the above issues many are seeing with USPS. Here is the actual USPS release regarding these changes. A package should never take over 1-3 weeks to be delivered, even if it is first-class.

"Overall, the time it takes First-Class Mail to reach its destination will increase slightly from an overall average of 2.14 days to an overall average of 2.25 days."

We've seen an equal amount of issues with the priority packages we send, the above change simply cannot be the explanation for why packages aren't being tracked and are seemingly "lost" for over a week. 

So what gives?

After doing some research, I believe the main issue stems from the "restructuring" effort, in other words the closing and consolidation of many processing facilities. You see, USPS at the start of the year closed and consolidated many of their processing and sort facilities. Source 

So what are we going to do?

USPS doesn't consider a package lost until it has been missing for 21 days (3 weeks). We will consider a package "lost" and re-send the order after seven days without a tracking update. 

We have seen many packages go "missing" for over a week, and then suddenly show up in the mailbox without any tracking changes to notify you that it's been located. 

Overall, we ask that you're patient with us during these issues with USPS. Please understand that the most we can do is place a claim on a package which we'll have to wait 21-days to do, or resend the order. Calling USPS sadly leads to no resolutions or answers, and only ends with more frustration due to the time wasted.

We are looking into adding either FedEx or UPS shipping options by the end of the week. The price will likely be a few dollars more, but at least with ground shipping the tracking will properly update. Customers near or in California might see packages actually delivered quicker via ground shipping. 


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