Discontinuing Glass Bottles January 17 2015

Hey Everyone!

With the addition of 50ml and 15ml plastic bottles, we've decided to discontinue glass bottles. Around 95% of our orders are for plastic bottles, and from the customer feedback we've received on this decision has so far been in favor of adding more sizes, rather than continuing to offer glass bottles. 

Plastic is generally regarded as easier to use, safer to use (no problems if dropped), and less likely to leak. If you feel like we should reverse this decision, please send me an email - john@tbdliquids.com and let me know that you would like us to continue offering glass.

Note: The plastic bottles we use are #4 LDPE (low density polyethylene) which make them BPA free and not prone to leaching. They are also easier to squeeze, resistant to high heat (80 °C continuously and 95 °C for a short time), and have an excellent amount of resistance (no reaction / leaching) to alcohols, acids, bases, or esters. LDPE plastics are commonly used in laboratory equipment, and also used in actual orange juice cartons / milk cartons. We recommend that like with any bottle, you do not leave them out for extended periods of time (12+ hours) in direct sunlight as no plastic or glass bottles are completely resistant to UV light. 

We will also be adding new bulk bottle sizes such as 4oz (120ml) and 8oz (240ml) bottles by the beginning of next month. We have a few new flavors on the way that will be added over the next few days :) 

Thanks for supporting us! All of the Holiday orders should be out, and the current orders in the system (up to #1694) will be shipping either today (saturday) or monday (1-19-15)