Added Shipping Calculation Based on Weight / Pricing Changes on Glass December 09 2014

I finally got around to weighing out all the juices for precise weight based on if they're in plastic or glass bottles. So first class will cover anything up to 13oz (~5 Plastic Bottles, or ~2-3 Glass). First class costs roughly $3.00-$3.50.

Anything over that would be Priority Shipping, and generally ends up being about ~$5-$9.00. I set priority at a flat $5.50, I will cover anything over that myself :) So for you guys/gals ordering 6+ Glass bottles, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping :)

Because of switching to child-proof droppers, I'll be raising the price of glass bottles to an additional $0.75 charge. The droppers themselves cost about $.65 a dropper, not counting the bottle costs and with the volume of orders I'm now accepting I can't continue to cover the additional costs of the child-proof droppers. 

Update: Glass prices have now been changed to charge $0.75 extra to cover additional costs for child-proof droppers.