Welcome to TBD Liquids September 25 2014

Hey all!

Welcome to our first official launch of TBD Liquids' website. For a while now we've been selling juice locally and through reddit. Now I can take orders through here and you can provide reviews and have all of the order information all in one place. This should make it easier for both myself and you. I'm really excited to be able to handle more orders now that we have stocked up on supplies and caught up on all the orders we got this past weekend on Reddit.

Currently we only accept PayPal, but are working to get a merchant account to accept credit cards directly through the website. If you have an issue paying through PayPal, just let me know and I can accept check/money order/even COD. We'll find a way to get some great juice in your hands :) 

If you've ordered some juice from me before, I ask that you leave a review if you could of the juices you've tried so others can know what they taste like. 

Thanks so much everyone! I'll keep writing blog posts on all of the new flavors we're working on, you can always ask me for a specific flavor mix you'd like and I'll see if I can mix it up for you :)