WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
New UWELL Caliburn A2 Device. Picture contains all 6 colors of the caliburn a2 electronic cigarette
Aqua Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Arctic Silver UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Green UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Grey UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Iris Purple UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Orange UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Uwell Caliburn A2 White Special Edition Device
UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Kit Includes - Packing Box, Device, 2x Mesh 0.9ohm Pods, and the User Manual
A USB Type-C cable is required for the UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Box

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Caliburn A2 Device




UWELL Caliburn A2 Device

The best just got even better. UWELL has put years of feedback into designing the new Caliburn A2. Experience a smooth and seamless upgrade from the original Caliburn with noticeable improvements in flavor and performance. Here at TBD Liquids, we love it and know you will too!

Caliburn A2 features:

  • Convenient fill-level window
  • New leak-free pod design
  • Fast USB Type-C charging (cable not included)
  • Consistent 15W output (30% increase from original Caliburn)

Existing Caliburn features:

  • Automatic inhale & manual button activation
  • Convenient top-fill pod system
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Device safety lock
  • Multiple short circuit protection
  • 520 mAh rechargeable battery
  • LED battery life indicator light


    The Caliburn A2 is nearly identical in size and weight to the original Caliburn. See our full comparison of the Caliburn A2 vs. the original Caliburn for more information.

    • Height/width/depth : 110.1 mm x 21.3 mm x 11.7 mm
    • Weight: 31 g
    • Resistance range: 0.9Ω ± 0.1Ω
    • Battery capacity: 520 mAh
    • FeCrAl meshed 0.9Ω Caliburn A2 refillable pod
    • E-Liquid capacity: 2 mL
    • Draw activated / manual button
    • LED battery life indicator light
    • Gold-plated magnetic pod bay
    • PRO-FOCS Temperature Technology
        User Manual



        How to turn the device ON/OFF

        The UWELL Caliburn A2 relies on a button sequence to the turn the device on and off. With the device in hand, press the firing button five times to turn it on. Repeat the same process to turn it off. It is recommended that you turn the device off when not in use to prevent it from going off in your pocket or handbag. This is an additional safety feature that is also meant to protect children.

        Device activation explained 

        While there is no superior way to vape, the Caliburn A2 can be used as both a draw-activated device or a button-activated device. UWELL has implemented a failsafe that defaults to the latter in the event that the other method fails. For instance, if the fire button isn't working for some odd reason, the system will automatically disable the button mechanism and resort to its draw activated method. The original Caliburn was one of the first devices to introduce this feature.

        Understanding the power output

        Unlike the original, the Caliburn A2 power output does not decrease with battery life. It puts out a consistent 15 watts with its 0.9 ohm coils, down to the last puff. It no longer utilizes a direct voltage output, so the performance is not dependent on the current state of the battery. In other words, it puts out the same amount of power from the beginning to the end of its charging cycle.

        How to fill the pod/cartridge

        Snap off the mouthpiece then simply insert the tip of your bottle into the fill valve and fill it up until you reach the max fill line. Be sure to fill using the large red fill valve and not the other two holes! The valve will open up automatically for your bottle when you insert the tip of it.

        The Caliburn A2 pods have a 2 mL e-liquid capacity and a top fill design similar to the original. However, the mouthpiece is now a bit easier to remove. So now you can just pop it off while the pod is still inside the device, which was not as easy to do with the original Caliburn device.

        How to install the pod

        Installing a pod on the Caliburn A2 takes almost no effort. All you have to do is slide the pod into the device and the magnetic connection takes care of the rest. The pods will automatically click into place and are secured by strong magnets, yet are still very easy to remove for re-filling.

        Understanding the pod’s coil

        The Uwell Caliburn coil is integrated into each Caliburn A2 Replacement Pod. The pods are optimized for nicotine salt e-liquids and feature a 0.9-ohm meshed coil, which is designed to fully atomize the e-liquid while providing better flavor, an increase in vapor production and a smoother throat hit than the original Caliburn. The new A2 pods also provide more airflow than before to match the 30% boost in power—so you can enjoy smoother and cooler puffs with extra flavor!


        What's new on the Caliburn A2?

        More Power

        The Caliburn A2 uses approximately 30% more power than the original Caliburn. This makes it produce more vapor per hit so you might feel like the nicotine level you're used to is too high.

        I recommend cutting your nicotine level down if you feel like you're getting too much nicotine too fast. It was a bit of an adjustment period for me, but I was able to stick at my same nicotine level and I just take slightly shorter hits and vape a little less frequently than I did with the original.

        Faster juice consumption

        You're going to go through the juice in the pod a lot quicker! This is especially true if you are using a nicotine strength that is too low for your tolerance level. Make sure you get into the habit of glancing at your fill window so that you get a feel for how often you need to refill your pod.

        Faster charging

        The A2 charges much faster than the original Caliburn. So if you can spare a few minutes to toss it on a USB charger, it'll go a long way. Half an hour on the charger is all you need for a full charge. Five minutes is equal to nearly 20% of a charge.

        Improved LED indicator

        The LED battery indicator thresholds have changed. (Full details in the manual.) On the original Caliburn, the LED would turn blue at 40%, whereas on the A2 the device LED turns blue at 60%. So, the Caliburn A2 gives you a more realistic indication of your current battery life status.

        Charger not included

        The device kit does NOT include a USB-C charger. We hate this trend, but more and more products are coming out without a charging cable in order to maximize profits. However, if you purchase the Caliburn A2 Starter Bundle, it comes with a USB-C charging cable for free!

        Same 520 mAh battery

        The A2 has the same 520mAh battery as the original Caliburn (unfortunately). Because it uses 30% more power than the original, it will also lose charge faster. So if you puff on the A2 the same amount as the original Caliburn, it's going to feel like you lost battery life.

        If you use the A2 less frequently than the original, since you're getting more nicotine per inhale, then you won't notice a difference. I highly recommend having a second device to make sure that you have a backup to use for the entire day.

        Should I upgrade from my original Caliburn?

        That's entirely up to you! The best part about the Caliburn A2 is that it includes everything we loved about the Caliburn but with significant improvements. It charges up quicker, provides a stronger and more flavorful puff and is way easier for monitoring juice levels. So, if you love the Caliburn but wish you could crank up the volume—then you might want to upgrade to the A2.

        What's the "Caliburn" hype about?

        So we've been using and testing the many nic salt devices that have come out for the past few years and we hadn't found one that we really thought hit the mark for us.

        We wanted a device with the following:

        1. Great flavor

        2. Long-lasting pods

        3. Great battery life

        4. Solid build quality

        5. Affordable

        The Uwell Caliburn and the new Caliburn A2 were able to meet these points for us, which is why we decided to pick them up and sell them to our customers nearly at cost. In fact, if you get the Caliburn A2 Starter Bundle, it's a free upgrade considering the total value of the other items!

        How easy is it to use?

        The Caliburn A2 is as easy as it gets. The device comes fully charged out of the box. No real instructions are needed as the device itself is very straightforward. Simply take the device out, snap off the mouthpiece from a pod and fill it up with our Handcrafted Salt E-Liquid. With a fresh pod, let it sit for at least five minutes before using for the first time to allow the coil time to wick.

        We believe in making vaping as easy and convenient as possible, and the A2 Caliburn fits the bill.

        How long does the battery last?

        Though the raw specs of the device's battery are not very impressive (especially when compared to the specs of a sub-ohm device) you will find that in actuality the battery should last you most of a day if not an entire day. The Caliburn A2 has no taper-off so that means it will continue to hit as perfectly at 20% as it does at 100% charge.

        The device itself charges from dead to full in about 35 minutes. From personal experience, I can tell you that I need to charge my Caliburn A2 on average twice a day if I am chain vaping.

        How long do the pods last?

        On average you should be able to get roughly three weeks to a month on each A2 Caliburn pod when using our handcrafted salts. That's almost two times longer than the original Caliburn pods!

        When using regular commercial nic salts which contain high amounts of sucralose, your mileage may vary. You'll be lucky to get a whole week out of them when using overly sweetened juices.

        What juice can I use with it?

        Both freebase and nic salt juice works with the Caliburn A2. The optimal PG/VG ratio for the Caliburn pods is around 60/40. Most commercial nic salt products are formulated with a 50/50 ratio which can cause heavy leaking or spitback with Caliburn pods.

        You'll also want to choose a nic strength that works with your tolerance level and with the power output of the device itself. We found that high nicotine juices hit even harder in the Caliburn A2.



        We take pride in keeping our customers satisfied. That is the main reason why we have stayed in business for seven years, aside from our awesome flavors. We make the whole experience easy.

        If your pod or device needs to be replaced, we take care of it directly. This is the only site that offers a full-service experience for the Caliburn, or for open-end devices in general. We're not just about pushing units, we go the extra mile to solve any problems you might run into, instead of making you hunt down the manufacturer yourself—like most online shops will have you do.

        How to register

        We highly recommend registering your products on our site. You'll be accommodated either way, but it is the easiest and best way to keep track of your serial numbers. If you ever run into an issue, simply file a claim directly using our Warranty page. Once we receive your claim, we will hook you up with a brand new device or a pod pack for your troubles.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 334 reviews
        Awesome customer service

        I love these devices. They hold a charge for a long time and are slim. I had an issue with one and the customer service team replaced it super fast. Very happy

        Bradley C.
        Free replacement

        Received this as a free replacement since my old one had switch issues. Could not be more happy with this company!

        The best at customer sirvice

        Wow totally shocked today when I recieved a Caliburn kit which I never asked for and only had issues with the one I had currently owned. I will say in my 65 yrs of life, TBD customer services is by far the best I have ever encountered, Thank you so much for careing about your customers You guys Rock and Top the customer care Catagories along with the juices, The best ^5

        Victoria H.
        I love these caliburn units.

        The new leakproof pods are great. I love the prices of the devices and the pods.

        Jonah P.
        Costumer Relations.

        I was expecting a refund. I was not expecting the response. Just Awesome. Thank you.

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