This product contains tobacco-free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
New UWELL Caliburn A2 Device. Picture contains all 6 colors of the caliburn a2 electronic cigarette
Black UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Blue UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Green UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Grey UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Iris Purple UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Orange UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
Caliburn A2 Device
UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Kit Includes - Packing Box, Device, 2x Mesh 0.9ohm Pods, and the User Manual
A USB Type-C cable is required for the UWELL Caliburn A2 Device
UWELL Caliburn A2 Device Box

Caliburn A2 Device





The Caliburn A2 is ONLY compatible with A2 Pods.

The Caliburn A2 is UWELL's response to years of feedback on the Original Caliburn. This new device kit takes everything you loved from the original unit and adds small enhancements that improve your experience with the Caliburn. We love it here at TBD Liquids, and we believe you will too!

New Caliburn A2 Device Features

  • Convenient Fill-Level Window
  • New Leak-Free Pod Design
  • Fast USB Type-C Charging (Cable not included)
  • Consistent 15W Output (30% increase from original caliburn)

Existing Features

  • Automatic Inhale & Manual Button Activation
  • Long-Lasting Coils (2+ weeks with our Handcrafted Salts)
  • Convenient Top-Fill Pod System
  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Device Safety Lock
  • Multiple Short Circuit Protection
  • 520mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
Specifications / User Manual

The Caliburn A2 is identical in size and weight to the Original Caliburn. 

  • Caliburn A2 vs. Original Caliburn Comparison Article
  • Height/Width/Depth/Weight : 110.1mm / 21.3mm / 11.7mm / 31g
  • Resistance Range: 0.9Ω ± 0.1 Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 520 mAh
  • FeCrAl Meshed 0.9Ω CALIBURN A2 Refillable Pod
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2 ml
  • Draw Activated / Manual Button
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Gold-Plated Magnetic Pod Bay
  • PRO-FOCS Temperature Technology
User Manual

What are the Biggest Differences from the Original?

The Caliburn A2 uses approximately 30% more power than the original Caliburn. This makes it produce more vapor per hit so you might feel like the nicotine level you're used to is too high. I recommend cutting your nicotine level down if you feel like you're getting too much nicotine too fast. It was a bit of an adjustment period for me, but I was able to stick at my same nicotine level and I just take slightly shorter hits and vape a little less frequently than I did with the original. 

You're going to go through the juice in the pod a lot quicker! Make sure you get into the habit of glancing at your fill window so that you get a feel for how often you need to refill. 

The A2 has the same 520mAh battery as the original Caliburn (unfortunately). Because it uses 30% more power than the original, it will also lose charge faster. So if you puff on the A2 the same amount as the original Caliburn, it's going to feel like you lost battery life. If you use the A2 less frequently than the original, since you're getting more nicotine per inhale, then you won't notice a difference. I highly recommend having a second device to make sure that you have a device to use the entire day. 

The device charges FAST. Much faster than the original Caliburn. So if you can spare a few minutes to toss it on a USB charger, it'll go a long way. Half an hour on the charger is all you need for a full charge. 5 minutes is nearly 20% of a charge. 

The LED battery indicator thresholds have changed. Full details in the manual, but on the original Caliburn the LED would turn blue at 40%, whereas on the A2 the device LED turns blue at 60%. 

The device kit doesn't include a USB-C charger. We hate this trend, but more and more products are coming out without a charging cable in order to maximize profits. We've got a bunch of USB-C cables coming that will be available at cost.

Should I Upgrade from my Original Caliburn?

That's entirely up to you! The great thing about the Caliburn A2 is it just takes what the Caliburn already did and makes some small tweaks to give you a better experience. If you wouldn't mind a lot more flavor and a little less leaking, we think you should!

What's the "Caliburn" hype about?

So we've been using and testing the many nic salt devices that have come out for the past few years and we hadn't found one that we really thought hit the mark for us.

We wanted a device with the following:
  1. Great Flavor
  2. Long-Lasting Pods
  3. Great Battery Life
  4. Solid Build Quality
  5. Affordable
The Uwell Caliburn and the Caliburn A2 were able to meet these points for us which is why we decided to pick them up and sell them to our customers nearly at cost.


How easy is it to Use?

Really Easy! The device is ready to go out of the box as it comes fully charged. No real instructions are needed as the device itself is very straightforward. Simply take the device out, remove the drip-tip from a pod, and fill it up with our handcrafted salt e-liquid. Let the liquid sit in the pod for about 5 minutes before beginning use on a fresh pod. 

We believe in making vaping as easy and convenient as possible, and the A2 Caliburn fits the bill. 

How long does the battery last?

Though the raw specs of the device's battery are not very impressive (especially when used to the specs of a sub-ohm device) you will find that in actuality the battery should last you most of a day if not an entire day. The Caliburn A2 has no taper-off so that means it will continue to hit as perfectly at 20% as it does at 100% charge. 

The device itself charges from dead to full in about 35 minutes. From personal experience, I can tell you that I need to charge my Caliburn A2 on average twice a day if I am chain vaping. 

How long do the pods last?

On average you should be able to get roughly 3 weeks to a month on each A2 Caliburn pod when using our handcrafted salts. 

When using regular commercial nic salts which contain high amounts of sucralose your mileage may vary. 

What juice can I use with it?

Both Freebase And Nic Salt Juice Works With The Caliburn A2. 

Optimal PG/VG Ratio for the Caliburn is around 60/40. Most commercial nic salt products are produced at a 50/50 ratio which might cause heavy leaking / spitback. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Pajay J.
Extremely Impressed

I love the upgrade from the og Caliburn. The flavors really shine through and taste so much better if that’s even possible. It uses up a bit more liquid, but it definitely hits and tastes better. The easier to fill pods a great too. I bought this as a backup device, but now it’s my go to! Definitely scoop one up!

A Definitive Upgrade

I waited a few weeks after getting my device (I think I ordered it the day TBD put it up for sale) to write a review. I didn't want to write a first impression review. I wanted to really be able to give a review based on a bit of use. I can say that I like this one well enough that I went ahead and ordered another one to upgrade for my fiance as well.

I've been using the A2 along-side my OG TBD Galaxy Blue device for the two weeks. I tend to have two devices going at once because I have flavor ADD and like to switch up flavors easily during the day. These are the differences I've noticed:

**The draw is looser on the A2; which I actually like, since I wasn't originally a cigarette smoker.
**The flavor on the A2 in INCREDIBLE! For the first day or so, I had Vanilla Mint in both an A2 pod and in a Red OG pod. I thought the flavor out of the OG red pods was amazing - however, it was like vaping the Vanilla Mint out of the A2 gave that flavor a whole new life!
**ZERO spitback. Even with using TBD liquids pretty exclusively for the last few months, I occasionally still got spitback with my OG Caliburn, especially if I filled it too full. I have not had that issue at all with the A2; and I filled it FULL on my first fill, just to see what it would do and how full I could really fill it.
**No leaking out of the bottom. Unlike with the OG, I'm not constantly having to use Q-tips or rolled up paper-towel to clean the connectors of condensation or leakage from the bottom of the pod. The pod bay of the A2 looks as clean and dry as the day I got it out of the box.
**The Pods themselves are SOOOOO much easier to open and fill.
**The "Min" line is now easily viewable through the front of the device (if you remember to put the pod in facing the right way), so I'm less likely to vape a pod dry and burn it out early.
**Same charger as my phone (USB-C), so I don't have to constantly keep tabs on or track down a micro-usb cord anymore.
**Same flavor and draw at 100% battery as seconds before it dies. I've vaped this one until there was no draw and the red light was blinking at me in contempt a few times because I never noticed a difference in use as the battery drained.
**Charges fast. I think the description said it was faster charging than the OG, but I think it's about the same. But, this is still a pretty quick charge, and if I put it on one of my USB-C lightning charge cords I have for my phone, it does charge even faster.

**Seems to go through liquid a bit faster. I'm kind of a chain vaper while sitting at my desk-job during the day, and then again at night when I'm trying not to have a bed-time snack. I feel like I'm refilling the pods on this one more often than the OG, which I'm sure is going to start adding up in juice costs down the road.
**I can't "de-gunk" these pods like I can the OG pods. I'm cheap, and I see it as a challenge as to how many weeks I can get out of a pod. With the OG pods (both red and black), I could twist the tip of a paper-towel into a point and clean down through the center of the coil to soak up and get out a bit of the gunk. This never affected the flavor negatively or seemed to cause any damage to the coil. I could also rinse the pods by filling them with water and blowing the water out to rinse the coil and extend its life. While I haven't tried water rinsing yet, I twisted a paper-towel and did the same as usual with an A2 pod yesterday. I didn't do it any more forcefully than I would have the OG pods. But, as soon as I put the pod back in my device and took a hit, I choked and died. It tasted like pure burnt cotton. I don't know if the coil is narrower, and doing the paper-towel trick made the mesh bunch up or what, but I definitely killed that pod. With the diaphragm over the filling hole, the other hole in the top of the A2 pods being so small, and the coil not opening out to the bottom, I don't imagine water rinsing and blowing the coil clean of gunk is going to work with these pods either. However, I will say that 2 weeks in, other than the pod I broke with the paper-towel trick, the other A2 pod I started the same day is still going strong and tastes good. A little ambering of the juice in the pod - likely from gunk accumulation on the coil - but nothing that effects flavor or gives any burnt hits.

Overall, really the only negatives I have for this device come from me being a cheapskate. It's a great design and a definite upgrade from the OG A1. The fact that it comes with TBD's STELLAR customer service, their guarantee, and the fact that TBD sells it at a much better price than the local brick and mortar vape stores in my area, I will be getting another one likely in a few weeks once I run out of OG Red Pods, and switch entirely over to the A2 for my double-fisted vaping.

Looks good but...

Looks really good. I guess I'm a creature of habit. I love the OG Caliburn. The A2 has a looser draw that I just can't get past. The flavors seem "off" to me. For now I'm stockpiling the OG pods and maybe the A2 will grow on me. Either way, fast shipping and excellent customer service like always!!! A+++++

Hi Melissa! I'm sorry to hear that the A2 isn't working out for you as well as we'd hoped. The A2 has a bit more airflow, but you can block it off a couple of different ways if you'd like to make the draw tighter like the original.

While holding the device, if you hold it with your fingers over either or the two airflow holes on the side or with your thumb over the fill-window it will block off some airflow. You can also cut a small strip of duck tape and run it around the device to permanently block off those two side holes. With the two airflow holes blocked off on the sides it should feel identical to the original, so I highly recommend giving that a try first with your fingers to see how you like it and nefore deciding whether you want to block it off permanently with some tape.

Amazing device

Updated review:

OG caliburn user for about 2 years now. I admit I was a little skeptical at 1st as I've used the higher power KoKo pods before for the OG. They weren't for me but with Uwell's history with the OG I had to give it a shot.

One thing I love is the power doesn't decrease with the battery. The 1st hit is as strong as the last.

I did have an issue with the 1st pod that came with device but the team at TBD quickly sent out a replacement pack they even included a bottle of Jolly Watermelon. This is why I'm a TBD customer for life. They're always making sure customer satisfaction is at the forefront.

Previous review:

Wanted to love this
I really did I've had the original OG for about 2 years now. I'm definitely familiar with how to prime pods. Primed the pod and within 10 mins of 1st use the pod went burnt and started making me nausea. Immediately went back to OG. I have 1 more pod that came with device so I will give it another shot. But as an experienced caliburn user I don't have high hopes. I'm thinking because the increase in power it burns more. All the other reviews are very promising. Maybe it was a bad pod. Will update this review after I try the last pod

Definitely sounds like a dud pod. We’ve got a new pod pack heading out to you along with a 15mg Jolly Watermelon so you can try it with a little lower nicotine level.

As far as nausea goes, since the Caliburn A2 has 30% more power, it’s producing 30% more vapor per hit. If you use the same nicotine level you’re used to in the original and don’t take shorter hits with the A2 you’re going to get a higher dose of nicotine per hit. The 15mg is 25% lower than you’re used to so you should be able to hit that the same as you do the 20mg in the original caliburn and you’ll end up getting a similar dose that you’re used to per inhale.

The A2 won all of us here over pretty quickly at TBD, so I think the pod was just bad or the wicking didn’t get saturated enough before you started using it. Let us know how the new pods work out for you.

Alot Better

This device fixed everything wrong with the original, g and the tripod!

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