WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

best nic salts 2019 - fruit strawberry apple watermelon nicotine salt e-liquid best nic salts 2019 - fruit strawberry apple watermelon nicotine salt e-liquid
best nic salts 2019 - fruit strawberry apple watermelon nicotine salt e-liquid
Bottle of Strapple Melon Salts the best green apple salt nic juice with cheap watermelon

Strapple Melon Salt - Retired Salts



Sweet strawberry mixed with sour green apple and watermelon. 

Note: Salts come in a caliburn optimized ratio (around 60/40) by default



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Exactly what i was hoping for!

I really like this juice! It has a delicious fruit foward flavor that comes across well and balanced. This is also among some of the cleanest nic salt juice I've ever had, and i will definitely be picking up some more of this and a few other flavors in the future. If you enjoy fruit flavors, you can't go wrong with this one.

Excellent flavor

Excellent flavor. The fruits are fairly balanced. Although the strawberry is maybe slightly muted compared to the others. It's light and not super sweet, nor sour. A great ADV. If you find it tastes bad, let it steep for a week.

I got this as a free sample. My first taste of it tasted truly icky. It had a perfumey quality that really turned me off. I tend to hate both watermelon and green apple flavored anything. So I chalked it up to that and grabbed a pod of something else and let this one sit. I tried it again after it sat for a week. It's excellent. Not even a hint of the weird perfume thing.


Added some koolada to it. Nice summer fruit with a lil throat hit.

Perfectly tangy

Not too tangy with a nice sweet aftertaste of the strawberry. Solid flavor.


I can't believe how amazing this flavour is!! I need to try the other strapple flavour next time too. Anyways..this juice tastes so damnnnn good!! Easily an ADV. It is so refreshing...reminded me of a old fruit drink or sweet I used to have as a kid lol. You can taste the watermelon strawberry n whatever magic juice John has made into this. This is my favourite one that have tried so far..2nd would be the churros. If you are a fan of fruit flavours that are full of flavour n just so good you could drink it, this is the one for u! I need to order a barrel of this next time lol.

Tried on my rda n crown tank.



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