This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

i love seaworld nic salt pack i love seaworld nic salt pack
i love seaworld nic salt pack
tbd liquids t-shirt design

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The "I ❤ SeaWorld" Pack

All (11) Flavors + (2) Mystery Flavors + (2) Free Pod Packs + Limited T-Shirt


Caliburn Pods
Shirt Size (Men's)

The "I ❤ SeaWorld" Pack includes all of our handcrafted salt flavors in 30ml.

Plus the following - 

You guys/gals have been asking for a shirt for years, well we finally got one for ya. This pack is for our biggest fans, that's why it's called the "I Love SeaWorld" pack.. get it? 😄


If you would like to make any substitutions such as doubling up on any of these particular flavors or swapping one of these flavors for any of our other salts we're happy to accommodate that.

Simply indicate what flavor(s) you would like to swap around in the special instructions box on the cart page. 

Shirt Specifics

This Ain't No Cheap-O Hanes

How many times have you gotten a "free t-shirt" from somewhere that didn't have a good fit or wasn't designed to be worn in public? i.e. practically every vape shirt that ever existed 😂

Well, at TBD even our free t-shirts gotta be quality stuff. We're sparing no expense on these. We found a company that was able to print our design on Next Level Brand T-Shirts. These shirts have a nice athletic fit, not too tight but not too loose either. Light-weight soft material, loose on the chest, straight on the waist, removable tag, and they hold up for a long time. I've actually been buying this exact brand of t-shirt on amazon and wearing them for years.

This is our own original design that we've created to be as minimal as possible so that you wouldn't mind wearing it outside of your house. 

Note: XS/2XL/3XL sizes will ship separately as we will be having those sizes made to order.

Sizing Details

tbd liquids t-shirt sizing details

Customer Reviews

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A box full of sadness.

I can only compare this to the 2008 Universal Music Group vault fire. This is John's masterpiece, which will be lost to time. I have been putting off a review until I could try just about everything and will futility write reviews on the separate liquids. Each one gives me a feeling of joy and sadness at the same time. I know you have plans to release flavor shots, but they are futile unless we can bake with them. Any product for use in vaping is a nicotine product.

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