This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Signature E-Juice



  • Inhale: Cinnamon Sugar / Milk

  • Exhale: Vanilla Cream / Spice

  • Sucralose Free Vape Juice to Ensure Clean Burning Flavor and Maximum Coil Lifespan

  • Best Selling Cinnamon Toast Crunch Like E-Juice For Over 4 Years

  • Customize to your personal tastes - You can add extra flavor, sweet, sour, or even cool

  • Custom PG/VG Level - Are you interested in trying maybe 65VG/35PG? You can indicate any PG/VG Ratio and see where the sweet spot for your device setup is.

  • Custom Nicotine Level - You can order any nicotine (10mg, 12mg, 14mg, 16mg, 18mg, etc. up to 24mg), even .5 mg increments. You're no longer limited to the handful of nicotine levels other cheap vendors offer, with us you have complete control over your E-liquid!

Growing up in California, I’ve had plenty of chances to refine my tastes for what makes Horchata the best when it comes to putting cinnamon in a creamy milk. 

We decided to make a cinnamon dessert that was light enough that it could be vaped all day long, and thus Horchata was born. On the inhale you taste the sweet cinnamon sugar backed with a smooth vanilla cream. Followed up by subtle notes of almond and vanilla cream which are woven together to create a truly unique and satisfying exhale. Interestingly enough, it's been most often likened to tasting like a cinnamon toast crunch e liquid.

It’s been one of our best selling vape juice flavors ever since it was released for a reason, and our customers really love vaping it during their morning commutes and nightly rituals. 

Are you ready to add Horchata into your all day rotation?

  • Our E Liquid Recipes are all GC/MS tested by a professional laboratory in order to ensure our customer's safety.

  • We only use flavorings that are Diacetyl Free

  • We make the lab report available so that you can rest easy knowing that you are vaping clean and safe e liquid flavors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
My ADV!!

I’ve loved horchata liquid for years. Long before y’all ever had any. I got hooked on a different company’s brand who also doesn’t use added sweetener or any coil gunkers. My problem was, I was on a 12nic so my 120 bottles went black before I could finish them. I always assumed it was the nic level. It wasn’t. I got down to 6mg and same issue with them. My last order from here, I got a 120ml 6mg and was easily able to steep it, then vape it all the way down only changing my coil one time. Now I’m down to 3mg and I ordered a 240ml and my mouth is watering in anticipation of receiving it! I’ll never order it from the other place again. TBD is my one and only love, now.

pretty good

It tastes like horchata alright 👌

It really taste like horchata

I wasn't sure how this would differ from gods custard. But it's very different. It's very much horchata. Received as a free gift in addition to my order and I'm pretty happy about it!

New favorite flavor

Loved horchata when my friends in Chicago brought me to a couple authentic hispanic restaurants. This juice is the next best thing. Will be using this as my all day vape for sure

Everything from them is spot on.

Every flavor I’ve had is killer. And the staff is amazing, and makes it that much better.

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