It's here! With the Griffin RTA Top Airflow Kit, you can further increase the airflow on your existing tank. If you don't have a 22mm Griffin yet, you can pick one up here. The 25mm Griffin here includes it's own top-airflow kit. 

Note: This Top Airflow Kit will ONLY fit the 22mm version of the Griffin RTA. The 25mm Griffin we sell includes a larger top airflow kit in it's box. 

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Griffin RTA Top Airflow Piece
  • (2) Spare O-Rings

One of the issues with traditional tanks is that they can't match up to an RDA in regards to airflow. Those who love heavy flavors, particularly heavy desserts, find it harder to enjoy in a tank due to the reduced airflow. Additionally, extra airflow helps smooth out harsher flavors. 

After testing, we're happy to report that with the addition of the top airflow kit, there is no noticeable loss in flavor accuracyYou can run your top airflow kit wide open and not feel like you're losing a considerable amount of flavor. 

If you have a griffin and think you might like a bit more airflow control, be sure to grab one!

Note: There is no whistling / loud noise when running the top airflow partly open. Airflow kit does not include a spare glass piece. 


Griffin RTA (22mm) Top Airflow Kit

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