This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Brand new galaxy blue caliburn device Brand new galaxy blue caliburn device
Brand new galaxy blue caliburn device
UWELL Caliburrn Galaxy Blue Special Edition

Galaxy Blue Caliburn Device

Special Edition


Galaxy Blue Caliburn Device

We're so excited to bring you a new exclusive color for the OG Caliburn.

For this limited edition, we took everything we had learned from our White Caliburn run, and applied it to a new device. We improved the inhale sensor, charging port, and pod-bay. Just in time for summer, we had a special anodized metallic coating applied to the device to really give it a nice shine when you're outside in the sun.

This edition is stunning and only available for our customers. You're going to love it! Check out the other tabs to see what's new with our Galaxy Blue Caliburn.

Upgraded parts

The auto-fire on inhale sensor has been improved to provide more reliability. 

We upgraded the power charging port on the device so that there were fewer issues down the road related to charging or the battery.

We also tweaked the sizing of the pod-bay so that we could always ensure a buttery smooth connection between the battery and the pods.

We had a special anodized metallic coating applied to the device to really give it a nice shine when you're outside in the sun.


    What's the hype about?

    We've been using and testing the many nic salt devices that have come out for the past few years and we hadn't found one that we really thought hit the mark for us.
    We wanted a device with the following:
    1. Great Flavor
    2. Long Lasting Pods
    3. Great Battery Life
    4. Solid Build Quality
    5. Affordable
    The Uwell Caliburn was able to meet these points for us which is why we decided to pick them up and sell them to our customers nearly-at-cost.


    How easy is it to Use?

    Really Easy! The device is ready to go out of the box as it comes fully charged. No real instructions are needed as the device itself is very straightforward. Simply take the device out, remove the drip-tip from a pod, and fill it up with our handcrafted salt e-liquid. Let the liquid sit in the pod for about 5 minutes before beginning use on a fresh pod. 

    We believe in making vaping as easy and convenient as possible, and the caliburn fits the bill. 

    How long does the battery last?

    Though the raw specs of the device's battery are not very impressive (especially when used to the specs of a sub-ohm device) you will find that in actuality the battery should last you most of a day if not an entire day. The caliburn has no taper-off so that means it will continue to hit as perfectly at 20% as it does at 100% charge. 

    The device itself charges from dead to full in about 15 minutes. From personal experience I can tell you that I need to charge my caliburns on average once a day even if I am chain vaping. 

    How long do the pods last?

    On average you should be able to get roughly 3 weeks to a month on each caliburn pod when using our handcrafted salts. 

    When using regular commercial nic salts which contain high amounts of sucralose your mileage may vary. 

    What juice can I use with it?

    Both Freebase And Nic Salt Juice Works With The Caliburn. 

    Optimal PG/VG Ratio for the Caliburn is around 60/40. Most commercial nic salt products are produced at a 50/50 ratio which might cause heavy leaking / spitback. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Gorgeous color

    Im in love with the electric blue

    Richard D.
    Many pod systems with one clear winner

    I have been using these for over a year now. There is a reason these are sold out constantly. This version esp with the upgraded charging port is excellent. If you are looking for a refillable pod system this is it imo. Good job TBD

    Eric O.
    Love the blue

    I’ve only been using caliburn for the last 2 years. It’s great I will order another one. Draw activate stopped working 2 months in.

    David P.
    This device is made for TBD Liquids and vice versa.

    This device, coupled with TBD’s excellent juices, produces the perfect amount of vapor, throat hit, and flavor. This is the only company I know of that tailors their juices around the Caliburn device. So pleased with their customer service and their products. Top notch!! Thanks to TBD and their entire staff!


    I was needing an upgrade from my previous two caliburn devices that were both over a year old. One had finally stopped charging and the others battery life was pretty short. I looked around to see who had the best deals on caliburns at the moment and I found these limited edition ones and pulled the plug. Shipping was fast and these guys are relatively close to where I live which is also a plus. Its hard to tell how much of an improvement these limited edition ones are compared to a new regular stock device because anything new was an improvement over my aging beat up ones but time will tell. Will order from again and again.

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