WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Starter Caliburn Bundle - Device + Pods + Juice


Device Color:
Nicotine Strength:
  • 1 x Caliburn Portable System Kit

2 x 1.4 Ω Spare Pod
1 x Micro-USB Cable
1 x Warning Card
1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Choose Any Nic Salt Juice (30ml)
  • 1x Unreleased Mystery Flavor (15ml) - INCLUDED FREE
  • Upgrade To Save More: Add Extra Juice / Pod Packs
    • Caliburn Starter Bundle - Nic Salt Pod System | All-In-One Vape Kit

    • Color - Black/Blue

    • USB Charging | Removable 520mAh Battery | LED Battery Indicator | Plug & Play Capability

    • Fixed 11W Output | 1.4 Ohm Coil Resistance

    • Easy Top Fill | 2ml Tank | Cheap & Reliable Replacement Pods

    • Excellent Flavor | Guaranteed With Our Nic Salts

    • Inhale-Responsive Activation + Manual Button

    • Gold-Plated Magnetic Snap-In Connection

    • Short-Circuit Protection | 10 Second Cut Off Protection | Low Power Alert

    • Safety Lock (5 Clicks)

  • Designed And Tested With A Caliburn

  • Summer Blend: Increased PG/VG Ratio To Eliminate Caliburn Leaking/Spit-Back Issues. 

  • Finely-Tuned Profile Range: We're Vapers Too, And We Develop Our Recipes To Enjoy For Ourselves. If you choose to use the same setup as us, you're going to get the same experience we want for ourselves, and that's the best d*** experience there is. 

  • Get More From Your Pods: We don't like having to worry about pods all the time, and the pod costs can add up. With our cleanly developed and sucralose-free recipes you're going to go so long without having to replace your pod that you're going to wonder if you're ever going to throw one away. Your new problem will be keeping track of all the different pods you accumulate and trying to figure out what flavor is in which pod.

      How To Turn The Device ON/OFF: Like many vape systems, the Uwell Caliburn relies on a button sequence to turn the device both on and off. With the device in hand, press the firing button 5 times to turn the device on. Repeat the process to turn the device off. When storing the device away, in your pocket or handbag, it’s recommended that you turn the device off when not in use. This is an additional feature of the device to protect children.

      Device Activation Explained: There is no superior method of vaping by default. In fact, you can use it as a draw activated device or a button-activated device. However, what Uwell has done was made the device to default to the latter in the event that one method fails. For instance, if you’re pressing the firing button and the button isn’t working for some odd reason, the system will automatically disable the button mechanism and resort to its draw activated method.

      Understanding The Power Output: The power output of this device isn’t based on a wattage number, however, the manufacturer does share that the Caliburn can reach up to 11W. To achieve the 11W output, the device uses a combination of its coil and battery to deliver the output if the conditions are correct. The Caliburn uses a direct voltage output, which means the power output is determined by the current state of the battery. For instance, if your battery is fully charged, you will receive a better performance than if it were halfway charged.

      Uwell Caliburn PodHow To Fill The Pod/Cartridge: Filling the pod is super easy with the Caliburn. Each pod has a 2ML e-liquid capacity with a top fill design. This means all you will have to do is detach the drip tip from the pod itself to reveal the dual fill ports. Once the fill ports are exposed, simply fill the pod with e-liquid until you reach the fill line.

      How To Install The Pod: Another fascinating part of the device is its magnetic connection. This magnetic connection makes it so that you can simply slide the pod onto the device and it automatically clicks into place due to the strong magnets that secure it.

      Understanding The Pod’s Coil: The Uwell Caliburn Coil is integrated into each Caliburn Replacement Pod. The coil is designed for nicotine salt e-liquids and features a 1.4-ohm parallel coil, which is created to fully atomize the e-liquid and provide a better flavor, a larger vapor production, and a smoother throat hit.

      You can order any nicotine level you'd like by selecting the 'custom' option for nicotine.

      If you're used to a lower nicotine level we recommend staying where you're at as there is no reason to have to increase your nicotine tolerance. If you feel that you would like to vape a bit less often, we recommend up to twice the amount of what you're used to. 

      We keep track of the custom nicotine values that our customers input and if there is enough demand for a specific number we plan to offer it as a selectable option in the future. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Blueberry Muffin juice is good.

      The main juice was good. The Poggers an mystery liquid are somewhat flavorless. I actually dumped them out of my pods and am using the mystery in an Innokin T20S. This is my second Caliburn. Unfortunately the auto draw feature has already started to go out through no fault of TBD. It still works well with a button press.

      Starter Caliburn Bundle

      I was looking to quit smoking cigarettes and this kit did it for me. I knew I wanted a refillable pod system and the Caliburn seems to be getting the best recommendation at this time. I read that the Caliburn pods last longer than others on the market. TBDLiquids seems to be focusing on quality juices especially for the Caliburn. This meant a lot and I'm closing in on two weeks, the pods are still working great the liquids are both tasty and satisfying. Highly recommend the kit and / or the juices.

      By far the best Pod System I have ever used!

      The flavor is amazing and the vape is always smooth and consistent. I can't remember ever enjoying my TBD nic salts as much as I do with the Caliburn. Oh, the battery lasts forever and charges fast.

      Amazing pod and bundle price

      This is by far the best pod system that I have ever used! There is so much flavor. It has helped me quit smoking cigs again.

      Great pod

      Works perfectly. Still on the first pod after 4 refills, it's still like new. Plenty of vapor (for a pod) and good flavor.



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