This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

best mango salt nic juice for pods tbd salts

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Best D*** Mango Salt

Handcrafted Salts (30ml)



The name says it all.

Don't know what more we need to say on this one. If you enjoy mango flavors as much as I do, strap in, because you've just found the best new mango flavor.

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Wow...enough said

Thank you tbdliquids for recommending this juice line and everyone that recommended it. I just received mine in the mail yesterday and already had a different mango brand in that lost all flavor. I could tell when this juice soaked in and took over. Amazing flavor. Cant wait to try the others that I ordered as well. Thanks again. Will definitely be coming back over and over. Great products and service keep it up.

The Best D*** Mango!

The name says it all! Just recieved this today and HOLY DUCK NUTS! This stuff is good! I have purchased mango from another vendor but nothing compares to this stuff. Hats off to the genius minds behind this product

powerful juice

The most aggressive e-juice flavor I have used from TBD. It really just gets me feeling amped to get things done in the day. The mango taste is like a fined tuned sports car in action. My 3rd favorite flavor from the craftsman here.

TBD Mango

I've used the juul for a long time and searched high and low for a coil/juice combo that taste most similar to that of a mango juul pod and device. I just recently switched to the Caliburn for the simple fact of the price of juul pods skyrocketing. But I have to say although this is subjective, TBD mango and the caliburn .7 coil pods are the best closest tasting mango I've tried to date. I will certainly be a repeat customer and you guys nailed it. Thank you!

Hello Mango Nectar?

Yet another nearly perfected juice by TBD and 100% an ADV. If you've never had a mango, or tasted the heavenly nectar from this glorious fruit, look no further than this salt. TBD has somehow PERFECTLY capture the flavor of mango nectar and I'm awestruck. My final Top 5 juice from these guys. However, mind caveat and why I gave it it a 4 star; this juice spits on me consistently, and I'm not one akin to being spit on (lol).

P.S. DON'T GET THIS ON YOUR HANDS. This juice taste amazing once in vapor form, but omg the smell it leaves on your hands is something offense, let me tell you. Also, don't smell your pod's tip once this juice is in. haha. seriously. don't.

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