This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Agent Cool by TBD Liquids - Add Menthol / Cooling to any vape juice or nic salt Agent Cool by TBD Liquids - Add Menthol / Cooling to any vape juice or nic salt
Agent Cool by TBD Liquids - Add Menthol / Cooling to any vape juice or nic salt
Instructions for agent cool additive by tbd liquids - add cooling to any vape juice or nic salt flavor

Agent Cool

Super Concentrate


Add your perfect level of cooling to any vape juice. Without losing flavor!

A 15ml bottle will last you a lifetime.

What's so special?

It's simple really! We combined three of the main cooling agents on the market in an effort to eliminate each of their individual drawbacks.

  1. WS-23: Nearly perfect on it's own, but doesn't provide cooling on exhale.
  2. Koolada: Gives you that cooling on exhale, but mutes flavor.
  3. Methyl Lactate: Offsets the muting caused by koolada and boosts that cooling on exhale, but very minty-tasting thus muddling flavor once again. 

So we trialed and tested with different ratios until we found the perfect blend that allows us to maximize our cooling without losing flavor. Our new agent cool is optimized for pods and nic salts, but works fantastic with e-juice as well. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Sweet find

I came to this site specify looking for a cool mint flavor and you guys provided me with exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again.

Best Menthol for Caliburn

Love your product. Wish you would offer bigger size bottles

Really cool

I never liked menthol, but I really enjoyed the TBD sassafras flavor which has a coolness to the flavor. After adding agent cool the flavor was cool as ice. I haven’t added it to anything else yet but I’m loving it with sassafras

Pretty good

It definitely gives a nice cooling sensation, mutes the flavor by a bit when you get to around 3 drops but nothing too significant.

Very nice

Great stuff and so easy, doesn't change the flavor profile of the juice you add it to. Will DEF re-order

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