WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

best uwell caliburn flavors - monkey juice banana strawberry milkshake best uwell caliburn flavors - monkey juice banana strawberry milkshake best uwell caliburn flavors - monkey juice banana strawberry milkshake
best uwell caliburn flavors - monkey juice banana strawberry milkshake
Cheap Nic Salts Monkey Juice TBD Liquids
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Monkey Juice Salt - Handcrafted Salts


  • Inhale: Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Exhale: Smooth Creamy Milkshake

  • Free Of Added Sucralose - Get More From Your Pods

  • Designed And Tested With A Caliburn

  • Summer Blend: Increased PG/VG Ratio To Eliminate Caliburn Leaking/Spit-Back Issues. 

  • Finely-Tuned Profile Range: We're Vapers Too, And We Develop Our Recipes To Enjoy Ourselves. If you choose to use the same setup as us, you're going to get the same experience we want, and that's the best d*** experience there is. 

  • Get More From Your Pods: We don't like having to worry about pods all the time, and the pod costs can add up. With our cleanly developed and sucralose-free recipes you're going to go so long without having to replace your pod that you're going to wonder if you're ever going to throw one away. Your new problem will be keeping track of all the different pods you accumulate and trying to figure out what flavor is in which pod.

What's The Difference Between Salts/E-Juice?

The goal of nicotine salt e-liquid is to provide a satisfying experience that is closer to that of a combustible cigarette. 

  • Smoother Throat Hit

  • Higher Nicotine Levels Possible

  • More Readily Absorbed

  • More Convenient Devices

  • Uses Less E-Liquid 

  • Don't Have To Inhale As Often

  • Longer Shelf Life

Do I Need To Use A Higher Nicotine Level?

Not at all! This is a common misconception with nic salts, but they can be enjoyed at any nicotine level. They give you the freedom to increase your nicotine level if you would like to vape less, but if you enjoy vaping as often as you currently do we recommend sticking around the same nicotine level that you're used to.

Simply select the custom nicotine option and input your preferred nicotine level if we don't currently offer it as a default value.  

What Nicotine Level Should I Choose?

  • If you're new to vaping we recommend starting with 30mg. 

  • If you're coming from a JUUL we recommend 40mg.

  • If you're coming from E-Juice we've created this handy recommendation chart. 

what's the difference between e-juice and nic salts - tbd liquids chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
One of the best.

Damn, I just keep finding more and more TBD flavors that I like. I was stuck on Sad Boy Tears cookie flavors, but after I switched to a Caliburn they were too sweet. I liked the Blueberry Muffin after a day. I actually chose it because I thought I wanted a dessert flavor. Monkey Juice just sounded like it would be too strawberry for me, but I took the chance. It is every bit as good as the blueberry and I'm using it alternating with Horchata in another Caliburn. I want to try them all now!


I'm about half way through the bottle so far, it's not overly sweet and it's easy to vape any day. The strawberry and bananas are nice and balanced right down the middle with some 'nilla ice cream. I think I taste a little bit of whipped cream too. This stuff is the bomb.

Smooth and not overly sweet

Nice creamy banana flavor without being too sweet. Worked great in all of my pod devices great and like all liquids please steep for at least a week or two.

Great choice

Definitely a great flavor. No added sweetness just a creamy blend of strawberries and bananas.


Light strawberry banana, very good. as impressed as I was with the blueberry muffin.

I've refilled the pod on my suorin drop 5 times now with monkey juice, and the coil and wick still look new.
The pod on this vape is only suppose to last about 5 refills with the typical juice, but with TBD liquids, I get a bit more than double that!



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