Unicorn Bottles - You asked for them! Now they're here! Excellent for carrying juices on-the-go. The pen-like top makes dripping a breeze. You can pretty much write your name on your coils. These bottles can hold up to 17ml of juice, and are BPA free. They work great with Max VG juice (we even tested pure VG).

New Style Added - 

These new unicorn bottles are much nicer than the old ones. The main difference being that the fill-hole is quite a bit larger than the old. The old ones were a bit tricky to fill up. The new style can easily be filled, they can even be filled by carefully pouring juice from glass bottles, making them very convenient for transferring from glass. 

We've uploaded a few pictures showing each bottle, a comparison between the 15ml and 30ml bottle, and a comparison between the old style & the new style fill-hole. Let us know how you like them!

Note: The new style are not child-resistant. 

Unicorn Bottles

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