WARNING: This product contains tobacco-free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Lemon Squares Salt

This product contains tobacco-free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Lemon Squares Salt

Handcrafted Salts (30ml)



Lemon Squares - September Mystery

So this was what I was going for with our mystery flavor for September. I've made quite a few improvements to the recipe to bring out the lemony aspects more. If you enjoyed our mystery flavor last month, you're going to really love this release version. 

Lemon Squares are one of my favorite desserts. I love that when I eat a lemon square I never feel like it's super heavy or overwhelming. I translated that experience into e-liquid. Just like the dessert - every puff is going to leave you wanting more.

Ingredients: Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural & Artificial Flavorings

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Delightfully tasty

I got it for a friend of mine for her birthday and she put it in her pod immediately. When I hit it, despite never liking lemon, was taken aback by how good it tasted. It was like a lemon square but better..? Always pleasantly surprised every time I try a new flavor from TBD :) thanks y’all

Marcus N.

Great taste

Matthew P.

This and the key lime are very similar with slightly different notes. Both are kinda mild and not very sweet which is a nice break from the other sweet flavors I order. Very tasty.

If you like bakery flavors this is great

I'm not a big fan of bakery flavors generally but this is good. I love the lemon just don't care for the buttery nutty flavor myself. I seemed to foul pods a little fast for me too but that could be something else as some pods are better than others.

Brandon G.
In a time where pastry based flavors are very hard to pull off.....

....TBD flawlessly pulls it off with their "Lemon Squares" flavor. In recent times, it seems flavors that are based on a baked good or pastry, have this off putting flavor/aftertaste that i just CAN'T put my finger on, but it is most certainly foul. For AT LEAST the last year, if not 2, no matter what new brand or line I try that includes a classic flavor like Vanilla Custard (I know it's not technically a bakery or pastry item, but I'm including it because it has that same awful taste), or Strawberry/Blueberry/Vanilla Creampuff, any flavor cookie, etc., I just get an overbearing taste of whatever it is they are using nowadays for that flavoring, and its almost bad enough to make me gag. So, you can imagine my hesitance when contemplating purchasing this flavor. But, because i hadn't been let down once yet by TBD and tried most of the flavors, I decided to give this a shot. Well, I really WANT to say I am surprised, but I mean, c'mon, it's TBD. This flavor is really good and I don't know how they avoided that nasty taste, but they did and I am stoked!

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