This product contains tobacco-free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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the best key lime pie nic salt juice salts flavor

This product contains tobacco-free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Key Lime Pie Salt

Handcrafted Salts (30ml)



One of my all time favorites!

When I first started vaping, one of my favorite flavors to vape was a key lime pie. It was the first dessert flavor that I was able to embrace. The key lime was gentle, adding a light tartness to the smooth and sweet whipped cream. The graham cracker was welcomed, and not overbearing or dry. It was perfectly balanced, and made for the first dessert flavor that I could vape all day.

I sought to replicate that experience with our new key lime pie salt recipe. If you're looking for our mystery flavor during April/May, you've found it!

Ingredients: Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural & Artificial Flavorings

Customer Reviews

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Brandon G.
An ADV for sure

This, along with their Monkey Juice and Retired Dragons Milk, are probably the 3 flavors that i will vape all day (Yes, I carry multiple pod mods, don't judge, hah). TBD is mainly all that I vape these days. Their flavors are subtle but delicious, and actually taste how they are suppose to (You ever get a flavor that sounds good on paper, but when you try it, it tastes like a dog **** in your mouth? Yeah, not happening here with TBD). I, myself, add the sucralose to most of their line, but thats just me and because I have been so used to very sweet juices, that it's hard to get used to flavors without it, but don't let that stop you. Even in a pinch, when i just vape a tank without it, it's still better than 90% of juices out there. Don't hesitate, if this flavor of KLP sounds good to you, get it, you won't "ragrets" it.

Matthew P.

This is a great flavor and pretty much order it every time. Good hints of key lime and pie crust.


Another one of your great flavors

Just like Grandma used to make

Great flavor! Good lime flavor with a creamy finish. Really enjoy this one with a few drops of the sweetener

Bobbie S.

It shipped fast and I liked the flavor.

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