This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Unicorn Bottles by TBD Liquids - The Best Accessories and Vape Deals for Cheap Vape Juice

Unicorn Bottles




Unicorn Bottles - You asked for them! Now they're here! Excellent for carrying juices on-the-go. The pen-like top makes dripping a breeze. You can pretty much write your name on your coils. These bottles can hold up to 17ml or 32ml of juice, and are BPA free. They work great with Max VG juice (we even tested pure VG).


Customer Reviews

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Amazing customer service and product!!!

I have never met a company that works as hard to make customers happy as TBD Liquids!! I have tried salts locally, and there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to the product quality! You guys rock! Thank you for providing service during this state of our nation.

Works great

I've never had one of these and I really like it. They are great for filling up Caliburn pods.The 15 mil size is perfect for your pocket.

Saved me!

I got a little too happy with my knife while opening a new juice shipment and pierced one of my plastic bottles. Thankfully, TBD Liquids sent me a unicorn bottle with every order! After my genius tape-work, it was still leaking (don't know what I was thinking). Then the light bulb came on! I simply transferred the juice from the lacerated bottle into one of these amazing 30ml unicorn bottles, and VOILA! Problem solved! Thanks, TBD Liquids!

Now They're Perfect

I had issues with the old bottles, the tips either arrived defective (like the plastic didn't mold correctly) or became disfigured after just a few fills. Not sure if it was an issue with the tips themselves or the caps, BUT both of these factors are addressed in the new bottle design. I'm comfortable saying they're a 100% improvement.

The tips are now thicker plastic but a little shorter, the threading on the inside of the new caps is also thicker, so less likely to develop cross-threading issues. Also easier to avoid cross-threading with these due to the new semi-transparent caps.

Overall, love the new bottles and am really glad they made the switch. Old ones = terrible, new ones = awesome.

Great Bottles, One small flaw

These bottles are great. I normally keep my juice in my jacket's breast pocket and these are perfect for that. They fill pockets much more evenly with less bulge and are so much easier to remove from pockets than standard 15ml bottles are. They actually hold a bit more than 17ml, which is awesome because with a full 15ml of juice inside it is much easier to shake the contents up.

The one small flaw I've found (and it doesn't happen with all of them) is that a small number of them are prone to cross-threading if they are tightened too far. Completely avoidable, but something to keep in mind.

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