This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Essential Salts Pack Essential Salts Pack Essential Salts Pack Essential Salts Pack Essential Salts Pack
Essential Salts Pack
sweet treats essential pack
mellow mixers best nic salt juice pack
Essential Salts Pack
essential nic salt flavor pack best vape deal 2019

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Essential Salts Pack

(5) Salts + (1) Bonus Flavor + Mystery 15ml + Free Pod Pack


Caliburn Pods
Flavor Pack

Our Essential Salts Pack includes the following -

  • (6) Handcrafted 30ml Nic Salts (Save 30%)
  • Free 15ml Mystery Flavor
  • Bonus Caliburn Pod Pack (4)
Agent Cool Pack

These are flavors approved by the man himself! We recommend these flavors with our new agent cool super concentrate. Just add a drop or two to one of your pods and you're good to go.

You can use agent cool with any e-liquid flavor, not just ours, and a small 15ml bottle should last you a lifetime. 

Mellow Mixers Pack

Our mellow mixers are flavors that we've built around the taste of refreshing drinks! This pack is filled with straight all-day-vapes.

Summer Harvest Pack

Fruit lovers rejoice! We've put together our favorite sweet, sour, and juicy flavors for you with our new summer harvest pack. 

Sweet Treats Pack

Treat Yo-Self! Our sweet treats pack contains our favorite flavors for when we're looking to satisfy that persistent sweet tooth of ours. As always, even our dessert-like flavors well balanced so these flavors make for some great all-day-vapes when you're feeling like you want something with a bit more range.


If you would like to make any substitutions such as doubling up on any of these particular flavors or swapping one of these flavors for a retired salt we're happy to accommodate that.

Simply indicate what flavor(s) you would like to swap around in the special instructions box on the cart page. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Since I started vaping TBD liquids has been the only choice for me (: 10/10 would recommend to anyone trying to get quit cigarettes

worth the purchase!

this bundle is absolutely a steal! make sure to buy on sale. 7 bottles for $60?!? one bottle lasts a month, but this bundle will last for half year.


Its a no brainer to buy this if you regularly use a caliburn. great flavors and value

Such a great deal

I bought a sweet treats pack during the Black Friday sale, and man was it a good deal. I already knew I loved TBD salts, so I couldn’t pass up the deal. I received 6 bottles of juice, a mystery juice, and two packs of pods for $55. I was able to write a note and have the Melon Smoothie substituted with Pina Guavada. I’m sure the Melon is probably delicious (they all are), but I really wanted to try the Guavada. My order was delayed a few days because of a problem with Uwell’s customs paperwork, so I was also sent a gift card for the delay. Amazing juices, amazing deal, great customer service. Thank you, TBD!

Great deal, amazing flavors

I can't stress enough how well these flavors vape. Consistently great

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