Holiday Shipping Schedule (Updated) November 23 2021

Update (11/30/21) - 

We brought in 88% more sales this year for Black Friday, so we are slammed. Our priority this week is pack & ship orders (shipping by Friday 12/3), next week we'll be getting all of the custom orders out. Check below to see which category your order falls into. 

If you order during this week (11/29-12/3) we should start shipping pack & ship orders next week (12/6), custom orders during this week will likely start shipping Thursday/Friday next week (12/9 or 12/10) or early the following (12/13). 

We're putting in a lot of extra hours this week to try to get everyone's orders out as quickly as possible, so please bear with us. We aren't a giant corporation like Amazon™, and staying small is what has allowed us to remain in this industry for so long. It's easy for us to adapt whenever laws/regulations change, and we get to do some pretty awesome things that no one else out there is offering. 

As always, if you are in dire need of your order shipping, please contact us and request a rush order. We don't charge anything for this service, but please keep in mind that requesting a rush order slows somebody else who has been waiting down. 

Last thing, the shipping method you choose has no bearing on our internal turnaround time. That money goes to the carrier for the shipping speed once the order is fulfilled. We are looking out for UPS 2nd Day Air/Next Day Air/Priority Mail Express and bumping those up to the front, but regular Priority Mail is 40% of our shipments and isn't a service that we comb through the backlog and pick out. 

If you want to make sure your order ships out right away, please contact us request a rush order. But again, we ask that you only request this if you are in dire need.

TBD Liquids - Black Friday Sale Details

We expect orders to get pretty backed up during our Black Friday sale this year, so we wanted to provide our customers with information on how we're going to handle the drastic increase in volume.

Wednesday (11/24): Shipping all orders
Thursday (Thanksgiving): Closed
Friday (11/26): Shipping mainly shorter orders and some customs. 
Saturday (11/27): Closed
Sunday (11/28) : Closed
Monday (11/29) - Friday (12/3) : Shipping all orders. Mon/Tue will mainly be bundles/packs. 

Unlike last year, we plan to re-open the day after Thanksgiving to get some orders shipped out and hopefully make a good dent in our easier to ship orders.

We are going to prioritize shipping "pack & ship" orders, specifically those that are 4 items or less on Friday. Monday and Tuesday will be mainly spent towards shipping bundles and packs. Wednesday through Friday we'll start devoting more resources towards signature/custom orders.

What are pack & ship orders? (These will ship by 12/3)

  • Any 15mg, 30mg, 50mg handcrafted salt juice
  • Hardware
  • Extras

What are custom orders? (These will ship by 12/8)

  • Any Signature E-Juice
  • Any Custom Nicotine

Orders will be fulfilled in the order that they came in, unless you request a rush order.

You can request a free rush order by sending us an e-mail at asking us to rush your order #. We ask that you only ask for a rush order if you are in dire need of your juice to ship immediately. 

Thanks everyone! We hope you have a great holiday.