This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Nicotine Salt / Nic Salts

Nicotine Salt is the natural state of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. This is a much more stable form of nicotine when compared to Freebase Nicotine (traditional e-juice). 

The goal of nicotine salt e-liquid is to provide a satisfying experience that is closer to that of a combustible cigarette. 

  1. Smoother Throat Hit
  2. Higher Nicotine Levels Possible
  3. More Readily Absorbed
  4. More Convenient Devices
  5. Uses Less E-Liquid 
  6. Don't Have To Hit It As Often
  7. Longer Shelf Life

Not at all! This is a common misconception with nic salts, but they can be enjoyed at any nicotine level. They give you the freedom to increase your nicotine level if you would like to vape less, but if you enjoy vaping as often as you currently do we recommend sticking around the same nicotine level that you're used to.

Simply select the custom nicotine option and input your preferred nicotine level if we don't currently offer it as a default value.  

If you're new to vaping we recommend starting with 30mg. 

If you're coming from a JUUL we recommend 40mg.

If you're coming from E-Juice we've created this handy recommendation chart. 

What Nicotine Level Should I Choose - Ejuice to Salts

Technically you can use any device with nic salts depending on the nicotine level that you've chosen.

We currently recommend the uwell caliburn device as it is easy to use, convenient, affordable, and the pods last a long time. The flavor output is fantastic even when compared to sub-ohm devices, so much so that we are even developing our new recipes using the device itself.

  1. Nicotine In It's Salt Form Is More Costly To Produce Than Freebase Nicotine
  2. Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Lasts Longer Than Traditional E-Juice

Most E-Liquid recipes are made using a dripper because it’s convenient. The thing is, pod systems are so finicky that minor changes in a recipe can have a much larger impact than they would for a traditional freebase setup.

So with our new line we’ve been creating and testing the recipes using only the caliburn and caliburn pods. This ensures that for anyone else using a caliburn that they are getting the exact experience we've designed. 

Additionally we utilize the 100+ testers in our Facebook group who test our new handcrafted recipes and provide feedback using the caliburn. This helps us create recipes that appeal to as many people as possible as everyone’s tastes are different.

Essentially we’re taking all of the benefits of a closed-end system (reliability, optimization, specialization) but providing it for an open-ended system that we support.

Neither our E-Juice nor our Salts contain any added sucralose in the regular recipe. We offer added sweet on our retired flavors / e-juice flavors, however we do not currently offer added sucralose on our handcrafted salts.

We do not recommend adding sucralose because of the following reasons.

  1. Burns out pods/coils quicker
  2. Potential Health Risks Of Inhaling Large Amounts of Sucralose
However, we are realizing that many of our newer customers are used to the taste of sucralose in their salts as most commercial e-liquid contains quite a bit of it. We've recently added a new product which allows you to sweeten any juice to your preferred level of sweetness

Our Retired Salts are like everyone else's salts, they are e-juice recipes adapted to work with nicotine salt devices. These flavor profiles were originally designed years ago for sub-ohm devices which is why we retired them as we do not currently recommend them for pod systems. 

Our Handcrafted Salts Line has been developed to perform optimally with pod systems. We've designed the recipes from scratch using a pod system to test the recipe itself. Essentially we are starting over and creating better flavors because of it. We are no longer attempting to adapt old e-juice recipes and we cannot ensure the quality or experience of those retired flavors for a pod system. Many of our customers enjoy those flavors, but we feel more comfortable with the quality of our new line.

Uwell Caliburn Guide

So we've been using and testing the many nic salt devices that have come out for the past few years and we hadn't found one that we really thought hit the mark for us. We wanted a device with the following - 

  1. Great Flavor
  2. Long Lasting Pods
  3. Great Battery Life
  4. Solid Build Quality
  5. Affordable
The caliburn was able to meet these points for us which is why we decided to pick them up and sell them to our customers nearly-at-cost. 

Really Easy! The device is ready to go out of the box as it comes fully charged. No real instructions are needed as the device itself is very straightforward. Simply take the device out, remove the drip-tip from a pod, and fill it up with our handcrafted salt e-liquid. Let the liquid sit in the pod for about 5 minutes before beginning use on a fresh pod. 

We believe in making vaping as easy and convenient as possible, and the caliburn fits the bill. 

Though the raw specs of the device's battery are not very impressive (especially when used to the specs of a sub-ohm device) you will find that in actuality the battery should last you most of a day if not an entire day. The caliburn has no taper-off so that means it will continue to hit as perfectly at 20% as it does at 100% charge. 

The device itself charges from dead to full in about 15 minutes. From personal experience I can tell you that I need to charge my caliburns on average once a day even if I am chain vaping. 

On average you should be able to get roughly 3 weeks to a month on each caliburn pod when using our handcrafted salts. 

When using regular commercial nic salts which contain high amounts of sucralose your mileage may vary. 

Both Freebase And Nic Salt Juice Works With The Caliburn. 

Optimal PG/VG Ratio for the Caliburn is around 60/40. Most commercial nic salt products are produced at a 50/50 ratio which might cause heavy leaking / spitback. 

The Caliburn performs optimally with a PG/VG ratio around 60/40. Most commercial nic salt juice is produced at a 50/50 ratio which is too thin for the caliburn and causes spitback/leaking. We've designed our handcrafted salts for optimal performance in the caliburn that way our juice minimizes the amount of spitback/leaking one might experience with the device.

To further reduce spitback/leaking, when hitting the device we recommend that you do not form an airtight seal with your lips around the drip-tip of the device. Allow some air to pass-through between your lips and the drip-tip and you will notice both an increase in flavor and a reduction in spitback/leaking. 

Note that juice that is too thick (such as 70/30) will mimic the same issue as juice that is too thin. This is due to the way that condensation from the VG gathers in the drip-tip of the device. 

This is a design annoyance of the caliburn. The caliburn features both inhale activated draws and button activated draws. If you engage the device using inhale activation and then hit the button it will cut off the draw. Our recommendation is simply to use the inhale activation and ignore the button. This will stop you from getting cut-off mid-draw

Not all USB chargers work with the caliburn, some phone chargers may not charge the device at all. Additionally QI, usb 3.0, or fast-charging bricks do not always work with the caliburn. We recommend charging the device using the included USB cable and a standard usb port on a computer. 

The Caliburn Pod is made from Polycarbonate Plastic. Unfortunately not all e-liquid flavorings are safe for polycarbonate plastic. Our handcrafted salts are guaranteed safe for the caliburn, but some commercial salts may crack the pods because they contain flavorings not safe for polycarbonate plastic. 

Here is a general list of flavorings known to crack polycarbonate plastic - https://www.fasttech.com/forums/vapers/t/1022074/list-of-e-juices-known-to-crack-polycarbonate/1

Sometimes if the device is dropped the metal can bend too closely around a pod. Simply take a pair of pliers and lightly bend the metal back into place. A pod should easily fall into place in the device and should also be able to be removed easily. 

E-Juice / Retired Products

PG/VG stands for Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin ratio. 

Propylene Glycol is thinner than vegetable glycerin and has more of a throat hit to it. 

Vegetable Glycerin is much thicker than PG and provides an extra sweetness/body to e-juice. 
That depends on your own preferences, but we recommend 70/30 for most traditional sub-ohm device setups. 

All of our recipes are plenty flavorful at their regular percentage. We recommend if it's your first time trying a particular flavor to get the flavor in it's normal configuration, then on your next visit you can decide if you would like it 10% stronger, 20% stronger, etc. 

Our recipes are plenty sweet or cool on their own, but if you know you like extra sweet juice (traditional commercial juice) or extra menthol juice we recommend adding to it according to your own preferences. 
We created the retired sections for our e-juice and salts because we know that taste is subjective and that many of our customers like our older recipes, even if we're no longer as confident in them due to the change in device performance over the years. We like being able to make these recipes still available for purchase for our customers who do like them and would be sad to see them gone. 
Not at all! Our goal has always been to create flavors that please a majority of people. When a recipe is retired it's generally because we feel we've either created a better recipe that meets that goal or that devices have changed and that particular recipe no longer meets our goal with the newer devices. Taste is subjective and we can tell you that there are plenty of customers that enjoy our retired recipes.
Absolutely! That's the whole point of us making a section just for them :) If it's your first time with us we recommend sticking to the flavors we're more confident in. 
We recommend trying the flavors themselves at their default recipe values prior to deciding if you would like to add additional flavor to the recipe. 

General Questions

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